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Repair Services

Front Hub Service: $20

Labour for this service is $20 and the service takes about 20mins, depending on whether your hub axel nuts need some WD-40 love to get them off.  The cost of replacement parts not included in this rate. Bearings are the most common thing that need replacement and cost $3.99 each for retainer style bearings and $1.00 for loose balls.

In this service your back wheel is removed, the cassette is taken off and the hub is opened up and cleaned out and fresh new grease added.

Common Question: Can we do the service without replacing bearings?

Answer: Yes and No. Your old bearings can be cleaned and reused, though we don’t recommend this unless they are still in good condition. In most cases we find that the balls in the retainer style bearings are loose or falling out and in extreme cases the cage itself is beginning to decay – in this case you need to replace the bearings.